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Playmobil Friday March 13, 2015: Hockey


A one on one hockey match…

Playmobil Friday March 6, 2015: Snow Shoer

Snow Shoer-1

Our boy is walking in the snow with snow shoes….

2015 Week 9/52: Arctic Base Camp

Arctic Base Camp-1

The arctic workers are minding the base camp.

Playmobil Friday – February 27, 2015: Skier


Our skier is exploring the frigid air this afternoon…

2015 Week 7/52: Snow Plow

Snow Plow-1

Just starting to clear the roads…

2014 Week 5/52: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

That smug rodent saw his shadow today! Six more weeks of winter… No early spring… ugh!

2014 Week 3/52: Stranded…

Stranded…, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Night is falling and our unsuspecting driver is stranded in the snow. It will be a long night…

2013 Week 52/52: Explorer in the Snow

Explorer in the Snow, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

It’s been a while since the explorer. The last time we saw him was on April 30, 2011. Here he is travelling in the snow…

2013 Week 51/52: Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Outside the snow is falling
And friends are calling “Yoo Hoo”
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For a sleigh ride together with you!

2013 Week 47/52: Fairies on Ice

Fairies on Ice, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

A new skating show is coming to town…