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2015 Week 32/52: Stormtrooper


The stormtrooper is in a rainbow…

2015 Week 26/52: Escape Pod

Escape Pod-1

C-3PO and R2-D2 are getting away from the Stormtroopers…

2015 Week 17/52: Ewok Surprise

Ewok Surprise-1

The Ewoks are surprising the Stormtrooper

2014 Week 27/52: Stormtrooper Fun

dunk tank-1

Some Stormtroopers are having fun at the dunk tank this wonderful summer evening…

2014 Week 22/52: Stormtroopers have feelings too!

Stormtroopers have feelings too-1

Yes, Stormtroopers have feelings too… This one is in love!

2013 Week 45/52: Where are they?

Where are they?, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

The Stormtroopers are asking where are the knights at the Detroit Institute of Arts

2013 Week 43/52: What?

What?, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

What? A Stormtopper riding a roller coaster?

Week 23/52: Art Fair

Art Fair, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Well, I’ve completed my first outdoor art fair. With good sales and what do I do, use the sales to order more prints, mats and mounting board. Sheesh…

Week 5/52: Oh no!

Oh no!, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

I guess this guy senses an impending doom…

365-365: Good Bye

Good Bye, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

The minifigure 365 project has come to a close. The minifigures of fatcatimages bid farewell for now. My blog will continue but with new content. I hope you have enjoyed the journey…