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2016 Week 6/52: Rocket


The guy is launching the rocket.

2016 Week 3/52: Space


Our engineer is trying to launch a rocket!

2015 Week 49/52: New Planet

new planet.jpg

Our explorer is studding a new planet…

2015 Week 42/52: Space Port

Space Port-1

The crew is getting ready for an Astronaut flight…

2015 Week 28/52: Moon Drive

Moon Drive-1

Our Astronaut is driving on the moon…

2015 Week 10/52: Spaceship


 Our Astronaut is playing a video game called Spaceship….

2015 Week 6/52: Ice Planet

Ice Planet-1

Our astronaut is exploring a distant ice planet…

2015 Week 1/52: Exosuit


The exosuit is exploring a strange planet…

2014 Week 12/52: Ice Planet

Ice Planet, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

The M-Tron crew is exploring a distant ice planet. Hey, is that somebody on the radio?

2013 Week 37/52: Bad Interrogation

Bad Interrogation, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Looks like out Astronaut is not liking the experience…