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OTM February 8, 2015: Snowmobile


Just a nice day to be riding the snowmobile…

OTM February 2, 2015: Airport Closed

Airport Closed-1

Due to significant snowfall, the airport is closed now…

OTM: January 12, 2015 – Photographer


Our photographer is shooting a glamorous model…

OTM December 15, 2014: Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights-1

The couple is enjoying the holiday lights!

OTM December 8, 2014: Gears


How does this thing work?

2014 OTM November 10: House Boat

House Boat-1

It’s a nice day to take a ride on a house boat in Lake Huron!

2014 OTM November 3: Boat on the Lake

Boat on the Lake-1

It’s a nice day for a boat ride…

2014 OTM: Merry go round… September 1

Merry go round-1

A final fling before summer ends…

OTM – July 7, 2014: Little People at the DIA





While at the Detroit Institute of Arts yesterday. I spotted Little People enjoying the museum!

OTM – Little People at the University to Michigan


Admiring the sculpture at the University of Michigan Art Museum