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2014 Week 10/52: Explorer at DIA

Explorer at DIA, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

I can’t believe it has taken all this time for our intrepid medieval explorer to visit his likeness in the Great Hall of the Detroit Institute of Arts! He’s visiting his peers…

2013 Week 42/52: Dive?

Dive?, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

So I will continue to shoot Lego minifigures at the Detroit Institute of Arts even though does not post them anymore. Here we have a diver contemplating diving into the fountain at the DIA..

A Day for Detroit

As a volunteer at the Detroit Institute of Arts for 17 years, I am partial to the great collection we have and that we serve the public most everyday (minus Mondays). Yes, the art is mainly owned by the City of Detroit. This makes the bankruptcy proceedings scary.

So, I am taking some time out today as a Day for Detroit and more specifically, a day for the Detroit Institute of Arts. As an artist, I understand the significance of the DIA’s collection. It is vast and glorious! The treasures here at the DIA are for past generations, the present generations and all those generations that have yet to come yet. Its culturally diverse and it’s a catalog of the history of art from ancient art, medieval art, realism, impressionism, post-impressionism, modern, contemporary, prints, Asian, Islamic, African and a special place in my heart; photography.

These pieces should NEVER be sold to benefit the city in debt. It is a collection of Detroit for the people of Detroit. It is a collection of Michigan for the people of Michigan. It is a wonderful museum that has to be saved. That’s why I ask you to sign this petition… Make Detroit’s art accessible by all for generations to come…







The many volunteers…


2013 Week 5/52: Detroit Industry – West Wall

Detroit Industry – West Wall, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Henry Ford? Thomas Edison? Lego minifigure? A picture actually given to me to take by fellow volunteer Guillaume Beliard…

OTM – Hey I see Canada – October 1, 2012

Hey I see Canada, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Hey! I can see Canada from here…

Week 40/52: Oh Summer… where have you gone?

Oh Summer… where have you gone?, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Summertime is over. Where did it go?

OTM – Belle Isle Tram – September 17, 2012

Belle Isle Tram, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Ready to board? The Belle Isle Tram is waiting!

Week 38/52: Diver

Diver, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

This diver was coming out of the Detroit River. I wonder what he was searching for under the river?

OTM – Denim Blue Cavey at DIA – March 5, 2012

Here we spot another Cavey at the Detroit Institute of Arts. This time it is a Denim Blue Cavey released October, 2010. I wonder how he made it to Detroit?

Henry Moore

Henry Moore, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Okay. Here is another shot from my Rolleicord V and Kodak Portra film. However, this shot was underexposed and fixed in Photoshop Lightroom (sort of). However, I like how the Henry Moore scupture is highlighted in this image…