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Week 2013 Week 49/52: Art Fair Season Done

2013 Season Done, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

My 2013 Art Fair season is officially over now. No more shows until April or May 2014. It is now the sleepy season of the art fair business. Maybe I will focus on my Etsy shop in the winter. And apply to even bigger fairs in 2014. It was a successful year, making 11 times what I made in the 2012 calendar year..

Come stop by this Sunday at my last outdoor event of the year!

Come by my booth #125 at the Hyde Park Square Art Show this Sunday October 6th from 10 AM to 5 PM in Cincinnati, Ohio (2800 Erie Ave). It will be my last outdoor event of 2013. Come stop by the tent for one last time before winter…

Huron River October 2012 in Ypsilanti, MI

Huron River October 2012 in Ypsilanti, MI

See me this weekend at Funky Ferndale!

Stop by my booth number 57 at the Funky Ferndale (MI) Art Fair. It runs from 3PM – 8 PM on Friday, September 13; and 10 AM – 8 PM on Saturday, September 14 and finally 11 AM – 5 PM on Sunday, September 16. Stop by say “hi” or purchase some of my “funky” art for yourself or as gifts!

2013 Week 36/52: Second Ribbon

Second Ribbon, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

fatcatimages earned it’s second ribbon the past weekend at the Mundelein Fine Arts Festival! Woo-hoo!

2013 Week 30/52: Art on the Mall

Art on the Mall, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

A successful show today at the University of Toledo’s Alumni Association Art on the Mall art fair…

Two of my big framed pieces sold today. See below with the arrows. Yay!

Art on the Mall-2

2013 Week 29/52: Art is in my blood!

DIA-5, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

First off, I hit a milestone today. I started year 17 as a volunteer at the Detroit Institute of Arts. That means I started volunteering there from April, 1997.

Ann Arbor

Secondly, I was at the Ann Arbor art fairs this week. Not as an artist with a booth but meeting my artist friends at the event. And I thought to myself, my work is good enough to be here next year. So, yes, I will apply to the a couple of the Ann Arbor art fairs next year. My performance this year looks good and promising – so higher booth fees do serve me well…

So, Art is in my Blood! I am a photographer artist at art fairs and I am a volunteer at the Detroit Institute of Arts! How much more art do I need in my blood?

2013 Week 26/52: Art Fair Ribbon

Art Fair Ribbon, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Wow! I guess I am now an award winning artist. I received this ribbon at the Crosby Festival of the Arts this weekend at the Toledo Botanical Garden. Pretty cool eh?

And so it continues…

My applications for the art fair season have left me well, a little upset.  Look below.  $280 spent in failed applications. Ouch.  So, I guess this has been a learning year. Last year I made it into every show that I applied. This year, not so much… The kicker is the Art in the Sun event from Northville. I hear that sales are not that good at that fair…Juried Art Services


Not a happy camper

So… I attempted to get into bigger art fairs this year. Last year was my first year on the art fair scene and I was accepted into everything that I applied. This year, my second year seems to be quite more difficult…



So, you can see my attempt to get into bigger fairs has failed miserably. Making me not a happy camper. I see a short art fair season for me… Which I have invested a lot into tents, walls, frames and inventory. This makes me sad. I will not be able to recoup those costs this year. Yes, I will still apply to shows but probably the same caliber as last year. Which on average, I made about $100 per show. This year does not look to improve on that mark that much… Again, this makes me sad…

Week 45/52: Season 1 Complete

Season 1, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

I graduated from my first year in art fairs yesterday. Seven shows! Not bad for a first year. Craft Circus – Ypsilanyi, MI April; Tech Shop Grand Opening – Allen Park, MI May; Maple and Main – Sylvania, OH June; Art and Wine – Jackson, MI June; Univeristy to Toeldo Art in Park – Toledo, OH July; Spring Arbor – Spring Arbor, MI October and Craft Circus – Ypsilanti, MI November!