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OTM – Playmobil Advent Calendar – December 24, 2012

Here we have the 2012 Playmobil Princess Wedding Advent Calendar. Merry Christmas!

Lego Advent Calendars Day 24

Lego Advent Calendars Day 24, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Well we’ve made it to the end! Star Wars gives us a Darth Maul Santa, we get a Santa on a sled in City and a beauty desk in Friends. Why not a Santa in Friends? And why only two Friends minifigures for all 24 days? We may never know but Merry Christmas!

Lego Advent Calendars Day 23

Lego Advent Calendars Day 23, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

It’s sort of a gift giving day! Friends has the light blue present and City has the blue and white and also the green and yellow presents. And Star Wars has a Snowman Droid with a tophat!

Lego Advent Calendars Day 22

Lego Advent Calendars Day 22, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Welcome past the Apocalypse and on to day 22! In Friends we get a Christmas Tree, the Star Wars Calendar includes Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator and in City we have the start of Santa’s sleigh?

It’s a little late tonight because I was out Christmas shopping…

Lego Advent Calendars Days 20 and 21

Okay, I was super sleepy last night so we have a double take today. Yesterday, Day 20 of the Lego Advent Calendars we received a wheelbarrow with a shovel and snowballs in City, a General Grievous Starfighter in Star Wars and some weird topiary thing in Friends.

Now on to today, Day 21. There is a fireplace in Friends, a Super Battle Droid in Star Wars and some pylons in City. Whew. A lot to go through for a night…

Lego Advent Calendars Day 19

Lego Advent Calendars Day 19, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Another day and another Lego Advent Calendars openings! In Star Wars we get a micro-build Trade Federation, Shuttle. In Friends we get one piece, a handbag and in the City calendar, we get a fireman minifigure with a red mug…

Lego Advent Calendars Day 18

Lego Advent Calendars Day 18, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Time if flying on these calendars and we are already to Day 18! In Friends, we get a wrapped present, City contains a fire hydrant and dog and Star Wars contains the minifigure I wanted when Lego had the calendar on sale for $24.95, a Rebel Soldier from the original movie…

Lego Advent Calendars Day 17

Lego Advent Calendars Day 17, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Well, we are almost to the end… More goodies today! In City we get a catapult, in Friends we get a mailbox and the Star Wars Calendar gets us a Flash Speeder…

Lego Advent Calendars Day 16

Lego Advent Calendars Day 16, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Welcome to day 16. It must be a snowball themed day for two calendars featured them. In Friends we get a bucket, broom and snowballs. The Star Wars set includes a Naboo Royal Cruiser and City has a little girl with snowballs…

Lego Advent Calendars Day 15

Lego Advent Calendars Day15.

Here we are at day 15. My how time flies. In the Star Wars calendar we get a Snowtrooper, another brick wall in City and another sled piece in Friends. The Snowtrooper is very cool and has a new minifig head piece…