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fatcatimages LLC | Small Business Saturday Feature | A.K.McCoy Photography

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Now that I am on vacation and catching up on blogging I am going to start featuring one or two small businesses every Saturday! Shopping and using local small business help your community thrive!

Our first feature is  fatcatimages LLC! Scott Pakulski is the owner, and he started it December 30, 2009! Fatcatimages LLC is located in Ypsilanti, Mi.  Scott works mostly on the weekends and offers fine art prints! The first time I saw some of Scotts work I was amazed! His work is so unique and different it is truly amazing! His fine art prints are of Lego mini figures and vintage Fisher Price Little People! You just have to check out his website and see his work! You can also purchase his wonderful work on his etsy store! Scott started this all because of a photography class at Schoolcraft Collage. 

Want to know an interesting fact…

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