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A love for 110

Okay. I am really happy that Lomography has brought 110 format film back. My trusty Rollei A110 has been in use ever since my shipments of the little cartridges came in. So, I thought up to rehash a guest post I did for Erin on Charlie Foxtrot. But first here is an image of the new 110 film!

110 is back!


A love affair with tiny! 

Originally posted April 11, 2012 on Charlie Foxtrot

Tiny – extremely small; minute. That’s what 110 format film is. Tiny. It’s about a little less than a quarter of a 35mm negative. But, that challenge is what I find so fascinating about this discontinued film format. How can I get BIG images of a something so tiny? I carry my Rollei A110 around with me. It’s my favorite of the 110 cameras in the fatcatimages collection. It is the Cadillac of 110 cameras and a piece of German engineering excellence! That camera is tiny as well. And so very solid, you hold it a marvel at its sturdiness and build. So small in fact, I took it to a customer meeting without question. See, I always want a camera on me. Taking the DSLR to a customer meeting is a no-no. But a pocket 110 camera? Hey, it hides in my pocket! So customer meeting in France – of course I would want a camera with me…

The Rollei A110, stealth masterpiece

So, when it’s the only camera you have. Or you simply like have sub-miniature photography fun, this is the camera I take with me. It’s been to Paris and Budapest. It’s been taken into places where photography is not permitted. It’s so small. It’s so tiny! And that is part of its charm. And these BIG images were from this little gem. I love trying to get BIG images out of something so small, so… well… TINY!

Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, April 2011 – shot on 110 film with Rollei A110

Wedding in Budapest, August 2011 – shot on 110 with Rollei A110

Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts, January 2012 – shot on 110 film with Rollei A110

The image at the Detroit Institute of Arts has actually been featured on in the Lomograpy Magazine!

Ship on Siene River in Poissy, France; April, 2011 – shot on 110 film with Rollei A110

So who knew when I made my guest post back in April that just a month later 110 would make a timely comeback! Was I the harbinger of all good things 110 to come? Maybe…

Oh… by the way… this was where I had the customer meeting…

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