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OTM – Polaroid SX-70 – May 7, 2012

SX-70, originally uploaded by spakulsk.

Okay. A different kind of toy for this week. I am a photographer and I consider my cameras toys too! Yes, I have fun with them… Here we have a Polaroid SX-70 instant camera. One of the gems in the fatcatimages collection. Fitting that Edwin Land was born on May 7th…

Notice the Impossible flash on the camera? Well, I’ve been experimenting with Impossible film in this camera for Polaroid does not make SX-70 film anymore. Why did they exit the instant film market? And I don’t count their ZINK as real instant film. I do shoot ZINK cameras but instant film is film. ZINK is just paper without the film.

But my problem is with the Impossible film itself. You can see from the images below, something is wrong. The shots were with PX 100 Silver Shade. The flash fired. But there is nothing…

Impossible… what am I doing wrong here?

Here is another image shot tonight on the PX 100 Silver Shade. This time the flash did not fire and the shutter was open for an extended time. You see light is getting to the film…

Here was a shot I has taken last summer. Again, Impossible film but this time it was PX 70 Color Shade. It was my first shot from my SX-70 and have NEVER been able to replicate. I’d be happy with these results but can not come close today? Impossible, please tell me what is wrong!

My sister-in-law Andrea shot with PX 70 Color Shade. First ever shot! Have not been able to replicate.

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