Fine Art Photography from the CatPad…

Instax Mini Portrait

Okay. I watched this video on Fro Knows Photo and it inspired me to do my own shoot. How could I not? With my beautiful daughter Josie, why would I pass on an opportunity like this? As you may or may not know, the Fujifilm Instax Mini (or my version the Polaroid 300), is a tough cookie to shoot with. The problem with the camera is that the built in flash will always go off in low light situations. It has some sort of evil sensor that can not be shut off. Ouch. To demonstrate, here is the picture of Josie with the flash. (to the right)

Not entirely flattering right? I mean, yes Josie is a beautiful girl but the head on lighting. Yikes. So, like in the video, we had to improvise. I placed a couple strips of electrical tape on the flash to “prevent” the firing.  See “prevent” – it did not really prevent the flash from going off… because it still did with a little puff of smoke each time. I guess the flash is very hot when it fires and melted a bit of electrical tape. Don’t ask me where my gaffer tape was – I still don’t know… But notice in this image that Josie is by our sliding glass doors that face  our backyard (the west, not ideal for summertime – I know). But on a gray wintertime day, it’s a GIANT softbox. Yay! So with electrical tape and a little puff of smoke each shot (I think there was 5 in total), I achieved my side lighting. And I think these shots look a whole lot better than the front flash to the side here…

Here they are. Awe Josie! So cute! Oh and the vignetting is from the Holga 500mm close up filter…

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