Fine Art Photography from the CatPad…

Okay… so I’ll take the plunge…

Okay. So I will take the plunge and finally get a iPhone 4S. Why? Well, for the camera. Yes, the camera on a phone. Hmm. What is wrong with me? I guess not that much, the iPhone 4 takes some amazing photos and now with the f/ 2.4 lens on the iPhone 4S – that is just amazing! So it was the camera (and the fact that I’ll be able to play “Angry Birds”) to allow me to move up into the 21st century. Plus, I’ll get to use the light meter app for my film cameras. How much fun will that be? That and I will always have some sort of camera on me – since I always have my phone…

I made the decision well before the news of Steve Jobs today. May he rest in peace…

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