Fine Art Photography from the CatPad…


2014 Week 29/52: Dinosaur Chase

Dinosaur Chase-1


Uh oh! The dinosaur is closing in!

2014 Week 28/52: Wedding


So many people ask me to shoot a bride and groom at art fairs. So here it goes…



OTM – July 7, 2014: Little People at the DIA





While at the Detroit Institute of Arts yesterday. I spotted Little People enjoying the museum!

2014 Week 27/52: Stormtrooper Fun

dunk tank-1

Some Stormtroopers are having fun at the dunk tank this wonderful summer evening…

2014 Week 26/52: Safari


This guy is on a jungle safari… Taken at the Toledo Botanical Garden at the Crosby Festival of the Arts


2014 Week 25/52: M-Tron


M-Tron sporting the Right Stuff…

2014 Week 24/52: Lego ® Minifigure College Campus Tour – Michigan

Another installment of the Lego ® Minifigure College Campus Tour, here we visit the campus of the University of Michigan!




2014 Week 23/52: Balloons!


Somebody is happy and excited to receive an orange balloon…

2014 Week 22B/52: Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square-1

We are reliving the Goddess of Democracy for those who lost their lives 25 years ago on June 4th, 1989…

2014 Week 22/52: Stormtroopers have feelings too!

Stormtroopers have feelings too-1

Yes, Stormtroopers have feelings too… This one is in love!


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