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2014 Week 30/52: Male Embrace

Male Embrace-1

So a client at an art fair told me to shoot this. However, the client never purchased the print. It made into art fairs and has sold at very fair since bringing it into my booth…

2014 Week 29/52: Dinosaur Chase

Dinosaur Chase-1


Uh oh! The dinosaur is closing in!

2014 Week 28/52: Wedding


So many people ask me to shoot a bride and groom at art fairs. So here it goes…



OTM – July 7, 2014: Little People at the DIA





While at the Detroit Institute of Arts yesterday. I spotted Little People enjoying the museum!

2014 Week 27/52: Stormtrooper Fun

dunk tank-1

Some Stormtroopers are having fun at the dunk tank this wonderful summer evening…

2014 Week 26/52: Safari


This guy is on a jungle safari… Taken at the Toledo Botanical Garden at the Crosby Festival of the Arts


2014 Week 25/52: M-Tron


M-Tron sporting the Right Stuff…

2014 Week 24/52: Lego ® Minifigure College Campus Tour – Michigan

Another installment of the Lego ® Minifigure College Campus Tour, here we visit the campus of the University of Michigan!




2014 Week 23/52: Balloons!


Somebody is happy and excited to receive an orange balloon…

2014 Week 22B/52: Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square-1

We are reliving the Goddess of Democracy for those who lost their lives 25 years ago on June 4th, 1989…


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